Art In Island: Asia’s Largest Trick Art Museum

Art In Island in Cubao
Art In Island in Cubao

Whenever I’m in Manila, I make sure to meet up with two of my oldest friends, Tine and Rhoda. Over the years, if it wasn’t the movies, it would be coffee, food, or videoke, or all of the above. This year, I dragged them to Art in Island in Cubao.

I’d been seeing a few pictures on my Facebook feed and I thought they were pretty interesting, so we went. When we got there, there were a lot of people as it was the weekend. Some even were having their school field trip there. No shoes were allowed inside, we didn’t know that so we were barefoot the entire time. I’m saving you the trouble, so if you haven’t been there and you want to know what to do, here’s their FAQ page.

Bringing a camera and a friend is highly encouraged as the whole point of the museum is to take pictures of the 3D art with you in it. The whole museum will take possibly 2 hours to complete if you plan on taking pictures of every single artwork. There’s just too many!

That time I entered a book, and was kicked by a giant foot


Rhoda petting a giant cat


1. Rhoda, looking for something? 2. Whoops.


Great catch!


When we were all part of a masterpiece


Tine and Rhoda trying not to be eaten alive.


Wildlife experience. XD


1. Uhm, a little help here? 2. Tine the giant.


Additional Information

Admission Fee:
Adult: P500
Student: P400
Children below 3ft: FREE

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
9:30am – 9:30pm
Selling of tickets until 8pm
Closed on Mondays except on Holidays.