So, yeah. I got kinda distracted…

It has been three weeks since I arrived in Manila and a lot of things have happened. This blog post is an attempt to give you an update.

First. I didn’t complete VEDA! Argh. It was certainly a challenge especially since uploading was slow due to internet problems. And I very rarely had the time, nor the energy to actually film and upload one. But still, I think I did great for a first-timer. I will certainly do better in August.

Second. My boss went to Manila, we got together, and even celebrated his birthday in Tagaytay. We ate at a restaurant called Pamana, tried the ferris wheel at Sky Ranch, and had coffee in Bag of Beans.


Restaurant interior
Uhm, is that the Eiffel?

Fourth. I didn’t run in the NatGeo! It was supposed to be my fourth consecutive year, but I didn’t go because I was too tired the night before and couldn’t make myself wake up and run. It was bad planning from the beginning. I didn’t anticipate that Saturday was going to be hectic. Boohoo.

Fifth. I have been playing a lot of badminton. Well, not really a lot, but I started playing again.

Sixth. My friend’s basketball team advances to the Eastern Conference Finals. They are the defending Eastern Conference champions. I hope they win again.

MC Alumni
MC Alumni

Seventh. I went to Boracay! I am going to make a separate post for that, and possibly a vlog. I have conquered a lot of fears during that trip and it was awesome!

Bluer than blue! Hotter than hot!
Bluer than blue! Hotter than hot!

And there’s possibly an eighth, and a ninth, and a tenth, but these are all I have on top of my head. Whew, that sorta rhymes. 😀 I have a new layout, and I hope to be sticking to this one for at least 3 months. I am such a layout whore, I keep changing it every time I see a better one, or get bored with the one I’m using.