That time I went to Singapore and fell in love with Kopi C

I visited Singapore in January to spend New Year’s with my family, and to attend my sister’s wedding. Singapore is my most visited foreign country. I’ve worked there before and my brother and my younger sister are permanent residents there. So it was naturally one of the more obvious options whenever my parents and I are looking to go on a holiday.

Singapore and I, we have a love-hate relationship. When I was working there, i hated it half the time (okay, maybe more than half). The MRT was always crowded, the malls were always crowded, everything was expensive, etc. And yet, this time when I visited, all I could remember were the good things (mostly food, teehee). 

During this trip, I found one more thing to love about Singapore: Kopi C. It was an instant love story between coffee and a coffee addict. I’ve tasted Kopi C before but nothing tasted better than Wang Cafe‘s version. Their Kopi C is the best Kopi C I’ve ever tasted. If you don’t know yet, Kopi C means coffee with evaporated milk. My sister lived in Tampines, so everyday during lunch, we would walk to the nearest mall, eat lunch, and then have a cup of kopi c (for me), and teh c (for her). I guess it was our bonding moment and it made the place and the coffee all the more special.

When she and her husband moved to Australia, I moved to my brother’s house in Sengkang. I thought it was gonna be the end of my affair with Wang, but I found out there was a nearby outlet in Rivervale Mall, about 5KM. I imagined it to be so near, I challenged myself to walk all the way there, armed only with three things: GPS, comfy rubber shoes, and my love for Kopi C. By the time I got there, I was too tired I devoured a bowl of laksa (I initially just wanted a cup of coffee).

All my cravings for Singapore food were easily satisfied during the whole trip. The one thing I regret though is not being able to take enough pictures. I was hoping to update my Singapore night cityscape shots. The last time I took one of those was way back in 2008! The Singapore Flyer was still under construction. TT_TT

SingaporeWell, I guess there’s always a next time. Who knows? I may be coming back again this year.