Food Trip: Cafe+

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Whenever I am in Luzon, I crash at my friend’s place in Baliuag, Bulacan. And since we both work from home, sometimes we feel the need to just go out and work somewhere else for a change of environment. The most obvious choice are coffee shops because 1. they have comfy chairs, 2. they almost always have wi-fi (although we always bring a portable wi-fi, it doesn’t hurt to have a back up in case the signal is weak), 3. they are more lenient to customers who stay for more than an hour, and 4. they have coffee!

We’ve always wanted to try Cafe+ so, when we had the opportunity, we took it, grabbed our laptops, and went on a 10-minute or so drive to Plaridel. The place is cute, they don’t have comfy chairs though, and they could use a bigger parking space. But if you get there early enough or on a not-so-busy part of the day, you’ll be fine. And of course, there’s always public transportation. Since it is just by the road, it is also accessible to jeepneys and buses going to and from NLEX.

The place serves brunch, coffee, and desserts. This is their cute, hand-drawn menu (click for a larger view):

Cafe + Menu 3Cafe+ Menu 1 Cafe+ Menu 2

The first time we went there, we ordered beignets, which was delish but we couldn’t finish it as the sandwiches were already so filling! Their sandwich orders come with a choice of a salad or fries on the side. We ordered both, and by the end of the meal, we decided the salad was a much better option (especially if you’re looking to stay away from fried food). Besides, their Asian dressing was yummy!

Their store is open from 9am-10pm. Here’s their Facebook page just in case you want more information. Enjoy!



Of Eating Kare-Kare, Long J.Co Queue, and Christmas Rush at the Airport

(I was gonna post B&W pictures but decided against it because I don’t have enough quality photos to post. I am skipping black and white Friday this week. 🙁 Sorry! )

Anywho, yesterday was quite a busy day for me (which was also why I couldn’t take decent b&w photos). I had to work, pack my things, clean the house, and head to the mall to buy last minute stuff before my early morning flight to Zamboanga this morning.

I only had a couple of hours snooze time because my flight was at 5:45am and I needed to be in the airport at 3:45am– which didn’t happen because I had my alarm set at 3am and while I was preppin’, I lost track of time. So we got out of the house at 4am and arrived at the airport at 4:30am. This is normally okay, but what I didn’t expect was the throng of people wanting to check-in to their flight. THIS IS THE ONLY REASON I HATE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. Aargh, and I hate myself for not thinking about it ahead of time.

So I had to queue, and the lady at the check-in counter was so slow. I really thought I was gonna miss my flight at the rate she was going. 🙁 Good thing a guy holding up a Zamboanga sign was doing a last check-in call for Zamboanga-bound passengers as the plane was leaving in less than an hour. So, he took my plane ticket and they accommodated me first. YAY! I was too happy to even bother listening to the snide comments made by the people still waiting in the long queue. To all of you, I’m so sorry. 🙂

Here are some of the pictures I took while my friend and I were in the mall. We went to Alabang Town Center, which is my favorite mall because it’s near my place and I don’t have to go all the way to Manila and pay a gazillion pesos for expressway toll fee. =_=”. We dined at Recipes, one of our favorite restaurants and ate Kare-Kare and General’s Chicken, our favorite dishes.

General’s Chicken and Kare-Kare, two of our most-ordered dishes whenever we visit Recipes. 
We were wanting to get J.Co donuts, but there was a long queue — as always! (facepalm) and I was too tired to face all of that. The donuts will have to wait until I get back to Manila.
So, in my disappointment, I just took a picture of this cute turtle bread from Bread Talk which was just in front of the J.Co store. Haha..
Lovely lights by the Rustan’s entrance (and a random person smiling for my camera. gotta love that! ahhaha)

I wasn’t able to take any pictures when I was at the airport. I was too  rushed to be all tourist-y and stuff. Hahaha.. But I got home to Zamboanga safe and sound, and probably haggard-looking. LOL. I am excited as this is the first time in a long time that I will be spending Christmas and New Year’s at home with my parents and my younger sister who’s flying back from Singapore. Happy times. — RA


Like a kid again! Visited Enchanted Kingdom with workmates

It’s been a while since I last visited this place. The last time, I think, was 5 or 6 years ago. Nothing much has changed, Space Shuttle, Anchors Away, and the Log Jam were still there. Except for a few addition to the rides, Enchanted Kingdom was still the same as how I remembered it from years ago: fun, crowded, and Christmassy. LOL.

The only difference probably is my increased fear of heights. I don’t remember being so scared, I even didn’t go in the Space Shuttle. X__X

I almost didn’t take the EKSTREME ride. I’m glad I did! It was so exhilarating! And that on the lower right is Ringo, the brown turtle Reena won in the basketball game. So cute!

In hopes of winning more stuffed toys, Tracy and I decided to play more games. We didn’t win anything though, hence the look on our faces:

After that, I did some stalking! Haha..

And ate a few things…

All in all, it was a very fun weekend with friends and colleagues and their families.Here they are:

This is probably not the last time I will be visiting Enchanted Kingdom this year. ‘Til next time! RAP