Food Trip: South Korean Street Food at A. Venue Makati

I heard about this place a few months ago when a blogger post went viral. Being a fan of South Korean street food, I knew I just had to go there. I never really found the time to actually go, and had forgotten about it, to be honest. Until a friend shared it to me again and asked if we could try it. So we did.

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I Miss Gami!

In October of last year, while I was in Melbourne, my friend who lives in Sydney swung by for a really short visit. I asked my sister where’s the best place to get dinner that’s not overly expensive, but has good food and she recommended Gami.

gamiGami is a Korean-style fried chicken and beer restaurant (sort of like Kyochon, but a million times yummier, IMHO). Their fried chicken comes in 4 flavor variations: Original, Sweet Chilli (my personal favorite!), Soy Garlic, and Spicy (second favorite!). You can order half & half flavors, but they tend to just put the sauce in dipping containers instead of directly onto the chicken. TIP: If you want more sauce, I suggest getting just one flavor so you can get your chicken swimming in yummy, saucy, goodness.

The restaurant also offers other food such as Tteok Bok Ki, Kimchi Pancake, Corn Cheese, Potato Heaven, and more! Here are pictures of my personal favorites!

Tteok Bok Ki! Spicy but soooo good!
Yummy fried chicken! (I think this one was the spicy variation)
Yummy fried chicken! (I think this one was the spicy variation)
Corn Cheese! A delicious combination of sweet corn kernels and gooey cheese!
Corn Cheese and Potato Heaven, which is really heaven, by the way.


Gami is my most visited restaurant in Melbourne. I’m definitely going back when I visit my sister again. If you want to know what other things are in their menu and where their locations are, head on over to their site at (Menus vary by location).

Sunrise Buckets, The Grove

I went to Sunrise Buckets yesterday for the second time and thought I’d share pictures of the place here in my blog. They have the cutest interior design! And their wings are great too!

Their chicken comes in this cute red bucket.
You get more when you take your food out. Awesome!
Some surf love.
More cute stuff
Yes we did try the Sunrise Original the first time we went there and their Ultimate Crazy Hot flavor and it was just that – CRAZY HOT!!!
The most amazing rootbeer float I’ve ever had.
Reena devouring the icecream on her rootbeer float
Chili Cheese Fries
More wall art.
Order counter. They don’t charge a service fee, so the customers go up to this counter and place their orders.
Cute display.
Life’s a beach. INDEED.
Surfboards on the wall.
I’ve only been to Bangkok out of all these.  🙁
My flavor? I loved the BBQ Berry Sauce! And the Jack Daniels wasn’t so bad too. I love spicy food, but I’ll leave the Ultimate Crazy Hot flavor to the crazier people out there. Haha. So what’s yours?
Messages on post-its.
Cute designs
Best root beer ever.

I am a bit sad that I didn’t get a single decent picture of their chicken wings. *fail* I took one before eating but I was too hungry to bother checking if it was a good shot or not. Hahaha.. sorry.

I know Sunrise Buckets also has a branch in Greenhills but I haven’t dined there yet. The Grove is nearer to my place.

Madison Square, Madison Street corner Ortigas Avenue,
North Greenhills, San Juan
Reservations 4-777-636
Sunrise Buckets
The Grove by Rockwell, C5, Libis, Pasig City
(across Tiendesitas & SM Hypermart)
Reservations 0917-5949044