Potipot Island is Better than Boracay, Hands Down.

Many people, locals and foreigners alike, are in awe with the beauty that is Boracay. I have to admit, I was one of those people, until I got there. This is not to say that the island is ugly, because it is exactly the opposite.

What turned me off was the multitude of people that flock there. It was crowded, busy, and just not the way I would want to spend my vacation. It was worth one trip, nothing more. A lot of people are telling me to give it another chance, maybe I will, but not anytime soon. No sir.

So, in my quest to finding a nice beach where I could relax and not have to bother with a lot of people, I found Potipot Island. Well, I didn’t really find it. It found me. Haha.

I’ve been to this island twice, and on both¬†occasions, I wasn’t disappointed. If you’re looking for a less expensive, less crowded, more peaceful vacation, you should go to this place.

You should know that there are no hotel accommodations on the island. The last time I was there, they had built cottages along the beach, but I’ve never had the chance to try them out and stay in the island overnight.

We stayed in a resort in Candelaria, Zambales called, Isla Vista. Their group packages range anywhere from P4000-P9600 for groups of 8-22 people. You can get more information on their website which I’ve linked in the beginning of this paragraph.

Potipot Island is a 5-10-minute banca ride away from Isla Vista. The boat rides are also available through the resort with a choice of a smaller or a bigger banca.

The resort offers facilities for cooking, although you will need to bring everything you need to cook your food as they don’t have cookware and all that stuff. Which is better, in my opinion, for hygienic purposes.

I’d certainly come back to this island. In fact, I recommend it to friends who are looking for places to go on a vacation. And I suggest you do too! HAPPY TRIP!