Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

I mentioned a couple of posts back that my friends were coming over to Zamboanga for a visit. So they did and one of the places we went to was The Great Santa Cruz Island.

A view Sta Cruz Island from Paseo del Mar

It was my first time to go there despite the fact that I lived in Zamboanga city for 4 years when I was in college, and that we owned a house here. It’s just that years ago, going there was just never an option, what with the rampant kidnappings during those times.

But it was always a dream for me to go there. I remember that one of our text books back in grade school featured Sta Cruz Island, describing it as a heart-shaped island that is known for its pink sand. As a child, hearing of a place with pink sand (PINK! As in my favorite color. WTF o_O) was pretty awesome and dreamy. And the fact that it was in my parents’ hometown made it way awesome-r. LOL. Oh, and did I mention it was heart-shaped too? ASJGAKDFDDJAA&; *flails*

And so, two weeks ago, this dream was realized and man, was I happy! The sand wasn’t the finest I’ve seen (I think the finest I’ve ever gone to in the Philippines was the one in Bohol, which I have not posted yet. *hides*), but it certainly was the PRETTIEST – Zamboangueña pride aside. No, I didn’t get to see why it was heart-shaped. I think you need to be airborne to be able to do that (duh), and no the sand wasn’t pink. It was white with specks of  red from the red organ pipe coral sediments that had gotten washed in over time (yeah, we’re talking about eras here). But looking at it at midday, it sure gives off a pretty pink hue and I just fell in love. Some people say it is best looked at during sunset, but we couldn’t stay that long as the last ferry leaves the island at 3pm. *sobs*

So what activities did we do there? I spent most of my time just soaking in the crystal clear waters while my friends and my dad went fishing. I am pretty sure that my friends enjoyed the trip as much as I did. I really wanted to go back there one more time before going back to Manila but the weather this weekend was pretty bad, so we didn’t take our chances. Besides, I don’t think there are ferries available to take people to the island in this kind of weather. Or I could be wrong.

Here are the pictures from my trip:

Manong, paddling the bangka away from Paseo del Mar


Zamboanga’s version of: “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” poster.


My cousin Jojo, teaching my friends how to put the bait.
The bait!


A closer look at the pink sand of Sta Cruz Island


My dad fishing.


Reena fishing


Acy fishing.


Me, no not fishing, just posing for the camera. LOL


A fish. And look at the awesome pink sand in the background!


Reena’s jumpshot in the water. (HDR toning was done on this picture @_@)


My flip-flops underwater. LOL, the shells were a bit too painful for my feet, so yeah, flip-flops!

And that’s it. If you want to see more pictures, I’ve uploaded a few more on my FB page here.

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