Hello, 2017! I’m Ready.

Argh! I was supposed to have a week-long break. I was supposed to be doing nothing, getting a much-needed rest before going back to being a corporate slave. Except for my long afternoon nap from the other day, I haven’t done much resting at all. I’ve been busy getting a new job, processing employment requirements, the holidays, working on the THS website, and catching up on blog posts. Sigh.

But with that said, I know I’m doing all this to make way for a better 2017, so I’m pretty much fine with it. After months of feeling inadequate, I found myself some much-needed motivation to become a better me in the coming year. And as 2016 comes to an end, I am writing down my resolutions for 2017. It’s a rather short list this time as I’m trying to set realistic goals.


Dance. Workout. Anything! I spent the last 6 years holed up in my house because of my job. And as I am one lazy girl, that meant less walking and less exercise. I’m at my fattest right now, and hell, I am going to get fit in 2017. There’s a gym near my new workplace, I might try that. Or maybe sign up for dance classes.


I recently just acquired new property, and as I am not rich (yet), that meant that I’ve also acquired debt, also known as mortgage. I didn’t realize that moving in to a new place could be so expensive. The expenses do not end with the monthly dues, there’s grocery, utility bills, ahhhh, the non-perks of being an adult.


One of the things that I vowed to do before 2016 was to create more things. Explore calligraphy and watercolor painting. Somehow though, none of that happened. Yes, I dabbled from time to time, but not enough to acquire a higher level of skill. I’m still where I started, no advancement whatsoever. If there was, it’s so minute I can barely see it.


My 2016 sucked so bad in this sense. I need to make use of my talents and skill and share what I can do to the world. I owe it to myself. I know I have so much to offer, and for a while I never really tried. No more hindered growth this time, not if I can help it.

2017 will be a year of exploration, growth, thinking, health, and success. I just know it.


All pictures used in this post are from Unsplash.