Benguet Dream, Realized

Baguio City - City of Pines
Image created using Paper for iPad and my artsy self. Teehee…

It’s funny how in a span of my last post and this post, I’ve realized one of my dreams. Okay, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself as I am clearly nowhere near Benguet, but the whole moving to Benguet thing is no longer a dream out of reach.

A turn of events has led me to make a decision of moving out. And having a job that is home-based, I can pretty much go wherever I want, and I choose Baguio / Benguet. It was originally a one-year stay, but I’ve decided to shorten it to just about 3-6 months, and then I will move back to Zamboanga with my parents and start my own business.

There’s so much to do in so little time. If I want to move to Baguio soon, I need to sell most of my things now because it’s just way too costly and impractical to haul all my stuff to Baguio, especially since I won’t be staying there for long. There are so many stuff to sell!!! Furniture, kitchen appliances, other appliances. Ugh. If only I could just sell them in bundles, like a Kitchen Showcase or a Bedroom Showcase, it would really be helpful.

iPad Mini

In other news, I got me a shiny new, iPad Mini. Okay, I didn’t get it myself but I was given one, by my awesome brother who flew in from the US for a visit. He also got me a Jot Mini, which I’ve always wanted, but hasn’t really lived up to my expectations that much, yet. But I still love it anyways so I am willing to give it more chances than it deserves and ¬†because I can draw awesome stuff (really now?) on my iPad just like the image above. Hahaha..

I’m pretty stoked about all this because just months before I was really wanting to get an iPad and this stylus. And now, I have them both. Like how awesome is that? -RA