Raia Goes Places Globetrotter Giveaway

As a way of saying thank you for having reached 6K+ followers on Instagram, I am giving away this cool Globetrotter World Traveler Watch to one lucky follower. (Note: This giveaway is not sponsored by the watch manufacturer.)

When I saw this watch on my Facebook feed, I loved it and I know you guys would too! (I particularly like the airplane that serves as a second hand. It moves, you guys! So cool. 😍)


  1. Follow @raiagoesplaces.
  2. Repost this image on your IG account. (Make sure your post is public so I can see it. No need to tag my IG account.)
  3. Tag 5 (or more) of your travel buddies.
  4. Use the hashtag #RGPGlobetrotterGiveaway (Reposts without this hashtag will not be counted.)


  1. You can only enter once. (Multiple entries will only be counted as one)
  2. This giveaway is open to everyone.
  3. The winner will be picked randomly using an online random picker tool and will be done live through Instagram Stories.
  4. A formal announcement will be made through an IG post.
  5. The winner will also be informed via IG DM. If he/she does not reply within 72 hours, a new winner will be picked.
  6. If you win, you will need to give me your name and address so I can send you the watch.
  7. This giveaway will end on October 8, 2016, 11:59PM October 20, 2016 at 9:59PM (Manila time). The winner will be announced immediately.
  8. Good luck and thank you!!! 😘🤗

Instagram Changes

Cleaned and purged my Instagram
My new Instagram, TA-DA!

The KonMari Method

About a couple of months ago, I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I’ve since been obsessed! I cleaned out my room (even went to the extent of re-painting it), threw and gave away a lot of the stuff that did not spark joy. So now, I have a space devoid of clutter, everything has its own place. I am really happy.

So, in an effort to apply the KonMari method to everything in my life, I’ve moved to cleaning out my digital space. I started with my devices. I deleted apps and files I no longer use, games I don’t even play. I’ve turned off notifications for practically everything. I don’t get notified for anything unless I open the app myself.


And just a couple of days ago, I took my obsession to Instagram. First of all, let me just say that Instagram in itself is a bundle of joy and I will never, ever get rid of it. Not for a very long time at least. It’s my favorite social media platform and is the only one I’m very active on. But when I looked closer at my feed, I saw a lot of things that do not spark joy. I’ve always felt like my posts were all over the place. There was no coherence and it’s basically just not visually pleasing (to me, at least). So, I went on a delete spree. I think I was at around 600 posts, and I’ve gotten that down to 150. I’ve decided to delete all posts relating to calligraphy and lettering, selfies, and chose to just stick to one theme, travel photography. I figure, with my love for traveling and photography, I will never run out of pictures to post. Besides, sea, nature, architecture, streets, all in my feed? Ah, that’s all the joy I need.

A Better RaiaAjihil.com

And with this, I am also changing a few things on the blog. I still haven’t done anything yet, but I will get to it in the days to come.

So where did my lettering and calligraphy posts go?

Nowhere yet. I’m in the process of launching a new account and a website which will hopefully happen sometime soon. Target of completion is before June this month. I’m still deciding whether to migrate old posts or just make new ones for a more coherent account. Marie Kondo, what have you done to meeee?

Growing up

I have to admit, this is not brought about entirely by my KonMari obsession. Part of it is because I think I’ve grown up. I feel like my life is slowly changing and I can’t contain my excitement. Seriously, I’m losing sleep over it.

This is all I can say for now. Thanks for reading through my mini update. See you around!

What I think about the Logitech K480

I work from home, and it can get quite boring at times, so I travel a lot too. This brings up a need to always update my gear to make transit as painless as possible. I own a 15-inch laptop and lugging it around isn’t always the best option.

I had been interested about bluetooth keyboards for quite a while as I thought working from my iPad mini is much more convenient for travel. I was shopping with my friend in Megamall when I stumbled upon the Logitech K480 in Octagon. So, I had one of the guys there test it out on my iPhone, and needless to say, I walked out of the store carrying the thing.

The Logitech K480
The Logitech K480

Features I like

  1. It allows for three device connections and it’s easy to switch from one device to another. This is especially convenient for when I’m working and Viber-ing at the same time. I can switch from my iPad to my iPhone and type out a reply without having to pick it up.
  2. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android.
  3. It is lighter than my laptop.
  4. It fits in my purse.
  5. It is relatively easy to use.


  1. It uses AAA batteries which last for about 8 hours if used continuously. So that’s about 2 AAA batteries daily if I were to use it for a day’s work. Your next best option is to invest on rechargeable batteries which is expensive. Plus, most of the chargers come with 4 AA batteries, so you have to buy your AAA batteries separately.
  2. Lag time.I find that there’s a bit of delay when I’m typing and it could get really frustrating especially if you’re on a deadline. And the back key is ultra sensitive that it goes back two steps instead of just one when pressed. I have to really be careful not to make spelling mistakes to avoid hitting the back key. It’s that or I have to hit it really gently.
  3. The keys are noisy. I don’t mind it, really. In fact, I hadn’t even noticed until one day when I was working with my friend and she said she couldn’t concentrate because my typing was too loud.
“And the back key is ultra sensitive that it goes back two steps instead of just one when pressed.”

4. It doesn’t have a trackpad. It’s annoying to have to constantly touch the screen if I want to go somewhere on my document, or my iPad. I think it kind of takes away a major chunk from the usefulness of this product. But I’m still getting the hang of all the shortcuts. Maybe it just takes a little getting used to.


I feel that I have not used it to its fullest to make a sound conclusion. So far though, I think it’s useful enough to use for short trips or for working in coffee shops. For longer travel though, I still need to bring a laptop as some of my work requires stuff that only an actual computer can do (which is more of a limitation on the iPad and not the keyboard).

To know more about its specifications, click here.

I Miss Gami!

In October of last year, while I was in Melbourne, my friend who lives in Sydney swung by for a really short visit. I asked my sister where’s the best place to get dinner that’s not overly expensive, but has good food and she recommended Gami.

gamiGami is a Korean-style fried chicken and beer restaurant (sort of like Kyochon, but a million times yummier, IMHO). Their fried chicken comes in 4 flavor variations: Original, Sweet Chilli (my personal favorite!), Soy Garlic, and Spicy (second favorite!). You can order half & half flavors, but they tend to just put the sauce in dipping containers instead of directly onto the chicken. TIP: If you want more sauce, I suggest getting just one flavor so you can get your chicken swimming in yummy, saucy, goodness.

The restaurant also offers other food such as Tteok Bok Ki, Kimchi Pancake, Corn Cheese, Potato Heaven, and more! Here are pictures of my personal favorites!

Tteok Bok Ki! Spicy but soooo good!
Yummy fried chicken! (I think this one was the spicy variation)
Yummy fried chicken! (I think this one was the spicy variation)
Corn Cheese! A delicious combination of sweet corn kernels and gooey cheese!
Corn Cheese and Potato Heaven, which is really heaven, by the way.


Gami is my most visited restaurant in Melbourne. I’m definitely going back when I visit my sister again. If you want to know what other things are in their menu and where their locations are, head on over to their site at www.gamichicken.com.au. (Menus vary by location).